London Sustainable Industries Park

Barhale have successfully completed a £1.38m design and build
contract for the Greater London Authority (GLA) at Dagenham
Dock in East London. As part of a regeneration scheme for unused
industrial land, the GLA are selling serviced plots of land within the
Mayor of London’s first clean technology commercial park.

An important part of the regeneration required upgrading the
local sewerage infrastructure. Along with our design partner, GHA
Livigunn, Barhale were engaged to design and construct a 6m
diameter x 14m deep, segmental caisson pumping station, including
associated MEICA installations with two 66 l/sec pumps.

Roydon Water Treatment Works

This contract consisted of the construction of a new Rapid Gravity Filter structure and associated ancillary plant, to provide improved treatment of potable water supplies which suffer from high concentrations of Iron and Manganese. The existing plant was fed from two local boreholes but was restricted in output, due to the water quality issues. The new works will allow the plant to address both these issues.

Barhale were responsible for the overall design and construction of the works, taking the concept design from the client and developing the entire (MEICA) detailed design. Barhale’s in house design team were responsible for the overall design management, providing the design for the main civil structures, pipelines, duct arrangements, hard and soft landscaping and security upgrades.

Ashford WWTW Extension Project

As part of Southern Water’s £1.8 billion AMP 5 programme, Barhale undertook a £12m design and construct upgrade to Ashford Treatment Wastewater Works, enhancing capacity to allow for population growth in the area under our Barhale Trant Utilities (BTU) JV.

Through our corporate design and construction procedures, Barhale, working in collaboration with our design delivery partner URS and Southern Water, established a series of design workshops to ascertain the exact objectives and milestones the project would need to deliver. The challenges that all project stakeholders faced on the Ashford project was the limited as built design and assets information for the existing site.

Datchet Tunnel Relining

Datchet Pumping Station (PS) is a key asset and up to 60% of London’s daily water demand can be met by the twin intakes from the Thames. When the decision was taken to switch it off, to enable Barhale (via the Optimise joint venture) to complete the essential Tunnel Relining project, Thames Water needed to grasp the opportunity to successfully complete all outstanding remedial work in the station at the same time.

The Datchet project is part of a programme of relining being carried out by Optimise. With 3km relining at Wraysbury and 1km from Queen Mother Reservoir to the pumping station already completed, the Datchet stretch will be followed by a 3km section from the Queen Mother to the outlet.