Social Value & Sustainability

Our society has changing priorities – climate action; Covid-19 recovery; skills gaps; the biodiversity crisis, to name but a few. Barhale has a pivotal role to play in positively affecting these issues with mutual gain. That’s why our Social Impact and Sustainability strategy aims to look beyond financial cost and strives to deliver social and sustainable betterment with purpose and intent. As a sustainable and ethical business, we have a duty to consider our People, Communities, Supply Chain and Environment in everything we do – how we treat our people; how we connect with our communities; how we grow and maintain our supply chain and how we respect our environment.

Our strategy conforms with the guiding principles and standards set out by the UK government and international bodies including the Public Services (Social Value) Act 2012 and the PPN 06/20, the Equality Act 2010, the Climate Change Act (2008), the Environment Act (2021) and the globally recognised – Sustainable Development Goals – founded by the United Nations. Barhale’s key drivers are:

Through our integrated leadership team, we will continue to work closely with all parts of our business to deploy effective strategies; coordinate resource; encourage and invest in early stakeholder engagement; monitor performance; share best practice; and evaluate to ensure we deliver on our goals and achieve results.

Our Social Impact and Sustainability performance is critical to our future. We believe operating in a socially responsible way is the key to success, not just for Barhale, but for all our stakeholders. Managing our approach closely encourages sustainable decision making, strengthens stakeholder relations and allows us to drive continuous improvement and add real value to the communities we serve.

Our dedicated roadmap is developed in line with our five-year business strategy and is reviewed annually to ensure it is relevant and reflects current social value and sustainability themes. As a socially responsible business we are wholly committed to delivering our work to benefit people, planet and prosperity.