Our technical skills in transport infrastructure are augmented by our ‘care for customers’ interests and the needs of those who use our roads, railways and other passenger networks, through minimising disruption and keeping everybody safe.


Through our regional offices, we provide a wide range of services to our customers in the transport sector covering:


  • Rail – civil engineering and construction activities on underground, overground and light-rail infrastructure for Network Rail, Transport for London, Centro, Crossrail and Train Operating Companies across various asset upgrade programmes
  • Aviation – civil engineering, construction and mechanical and electrical engineering activities, both air-side and land-side for Airport Customers
  • Highways, waterways and bridges – construction and refurbishments of roads, bridges, tunnels and structures, drainage and flood mitigation, No-Dig installations and multi service offering for public realm projects for Local Authorities and blue-chip commercial and retail developers


Our teams understand the keys aspects of working safely, in an environmentally sensitive manner, to time and budget and in a non-disruptive way by negating/minimising the impact to the operational infrastructure. Through their training and experience, our personnel are accustomed to working in ‘live’ environments, displaying exemplary behaviours and competencies that protect our Customer’s brand, as well as our own. We work pro-actively with stakeholders and third parties, as well as the neighbouring community, in order to be more engaged and for all to feel like their concerns are appreciated.

At Barhale we have been working in a transport environment for over 25 years. Our technical skills in transport infrastructure are enhanced by our care for the interests of our customers and the general public both of whom are directly and indirectly affected by our works on the railways, roads and other passenger networks. Minimising disruption is a key aspect of civil engineering work and we liaise with our clients to maintain safe and reliable access wherever possible.

Our in-house steel fabrication and tunnelling skills, coupled with our transport expertise, enable us to offer this specialist sector a turn-key approach to projects with a single point of contact with our clients. In recent years, we have delivered a large number of schemes to a range of clients in the rail sector. Each has benefitted from our core values, coupled with access to directly employed workforce. Our service offering includes:


  • Bridge strengthening and repair works
  • Footbridge assessment, design, fabrication and installation
  • Under-track crossings
  • Embankment stabilisation
  • Access For All (AFA) schemes
  • Platform extension and refurbishment
  • Tunnelling, Pipejacking, Microtunnelling and No Dig installation
  • Troughing and cable system infrastructure
  • Foundations
  • Drainage related schemes


This offering can be applied across all aspects of transportation to suit the client needs. Many of the skills are transferable in nature and often, with the global shift to intermodal transport hubs, all forms of transportation fall under one roof.