Stanbridgeford STW

  • Sector:Water & Utilities
  • Client:Anglian Water
  • Location:Stanbridgeford, Bedfordshire
  • Value:£1.9m

In order to solve a potential ammonia issue at Stanbridgeford Sewage Treatment Works (STW), Barhale’s team with Anglian Water’s IOS programme have installed a new biological tertiary treatment plant to remove additional ammonia.

The new plant consisted of:
• 12 no. SAF units which were constructed off site
• 2 no. 7.5kw feed pumps and 2 no. 11 kw blowers
• A new MCC kiosk and PLC which were constructed off site
• Utilising the existing feed well and drying bed slab

In their component parts, the elements are fairly standard pieces of equipment which can be found on sewerage works around the country. The way in which the Barhale team have brought the pieces of the plant together however, and some of the specific nuances of the design, has made the solution particularly innovative.