Carbon Reduction Plan

Commitment to achieving Net Zero

Barhale Holdings plc is committed to achieving Net Zero emissions by 2040.

Please read our updated Carbon Reduction Plan here.

What is a Carbon Reduction Plan (CRP)?

Carbon Reduction Plans (CRPs) are to be completed on behalf of the bidding supplier and must meet the reporting requirements set out in this guidance, and include the supplier’s current carbon footprint and its commitment to reducing emissions to achieve Net Zero emissions by 2040.

Carbon Reduction Plans (CRP) will help suppliers and customers understand the impact the contract and therefore their wider operations have upon the environment. They detail the organisation’s emissions across a single year against a range of emissions sources and greenhouse gasses.

Carbon Reduction Plans must be provided by suppliers when responding to in-scope procurements as defined by PPN 06/21. The Carbon Reduction Plan is not intended to replace existing reporting or calculation of your organisational carbon footprint. It is a summary document that details high level information that demonstrates your compliance with the measure.