Canterbury WWTW Aeration Refurbishment and Upgrade

  • Sector:Specialist Skill
  • Client:Southern Water
  • Location:Southern Water
  • Value:£640k

As part of Southern Water’s AMP6 upgrade works, Barhale were
contracted to refurbish the aeration system at Canterbury Waste
Water Treatment Works (WWTW). The works included replacing 7
aeration blowers dating from 1998 with 75kW rotary lobe blowers
which are complementary to new diffusers and the air main. Barhale
also installed new blower and aeration control and instrumentation
systems. These included high and low discharge pressure sensors and
pressure transducer with a visual display or pressure gauge.

The works entailed significant constraints. For example, the blowers
needed to be replaced without stopping the process of the WWTW
and the full works had to stay within consents agreed with the
Environment Agency by Southern Water.