Queen Elizabeth II Reservoir Tunnel Relining

The Queen Elizabeth II (QEII) Reservoir is a raw water reservoir in
South West London that is owned and operated by Thames Water.
The reservoir holds over 19 million litres of water, equating to 10% of
the raw water storage for London. Once treated, this provides clean
drinking water for millions of people across Surrey and London.

Barhale were engaged by Thames Water to complete this £11m tunnel
relining project to guarantee the integrity of the aged inlet and outlet
tunnels. The goal of the project was to strengthen the tunnels and
prevent any leakage at this crucial clean water asset.

Elan Valley Aqueduct (EVA)

After 5 years of construction, Barhale (as part of the BNM Alliance) completed work on the Elan Valley Aqueduct. The EVA is a Victorian culvert which, for the past 100 years, has carried a water supply from mid-Wales into the City of Birmingham.

The project involved the off line replacement of the existing water conduit in three locations – Bleddfa, Nantmel and Ffrydd Wood (Knighton). The new tunnel sections are 3m in diameter and each 1km or more in length.

The project commenced in 2015, and was required due to deterioration within existing sections of the EVA. The success of this project was crucial to secure a resilient water supply to Birmingham and the surrounding areas.

National Level Crossing Risk Reduction Programme – Barnt Green Footbridge

Barhale Construction Services Ltd were contracted by Network Rail (with Kier as the principal contractor) to fabricate and install a new double-span footbridge near Bromsgrove, North Worcestershire. The existing footbridge needed to be replaced with a new, higher structure so overhead lines can run underneath to power electric trains.

The project was part of a £100m Network Rail investment to electrify the lines between Barnt Green and Bromsgrove in the north of Worcestershire. The existing structure remained open for station pedestrians, whilst the project was being carried out.

Chelsea to Battersea Tunnel and Gas Pipeline

Barhale carried out work on the new Chelsea to Battersea gas pipeline. As part of the ongoing work to replace and upgrade large diameter gas mains throughout central London, a new gas pipeline was required underneath the River Thames between the Royal Hospital Chelsea and Battersea Park.

The overall project was split in to two separate contracts, both of which were awarded to Barhale:

Contract 1: Construction of two shafts, connected via a new tunnel
underneath the River Thames, which would facilitate the installation
of the new 600mm diameter gas main. This contract was delivered to

Contract 2: Installation of the 600mm diameter, welded steel pipeline
through the tunnel. Including the installation of several governors
and the connection of the new pipeline into the existing network. This
contract was delivered directly to Cadent Gas Ltd.

Maida Vale Flood Alleviation Scheme

Hundreds of homes and businesses in Maida Vale have experienced dramatic flooding from heavy summer rainfall over a number of years. Thames Water and our contractor Optimise devised a solution to reduce the flooding risk for over 350 homes and businesses. The scheme includes new sewer tunnels under local, Central London roads and two new storage tanks to be constructed under local parks. It had the potential to cause widespread nuisance and disruption.

The importance of providing timely, targeted information on the project’s progress to MPs, councillors, community leaders, businesses and residents was recognised and care was taken to keep customers informed by a variety of means. As well as traditional letters and face-to-face meetings we held weekly surgeries, a web page, a quarterly magazine for residents and a text messaging service update fortnightly or when something needed to be communicated.

Stanbridgeford STW

In order to solve a potential ammonia issue at Stanbridgeford Sewage Treatment Works (STW), Barhale’s team with Anglian Water’s IOS programme have installed a new biological tertiary treatment plant to remove additional ammonia.

The new plant consisted of:
• 12 no. SAF units which were constructed off site
• 2 no. 7.5kw feed pumps and 2 no. 11 kw blowers
• A new MCC kiosk and PLC which were constructed off site
• Utilising the existing feed well and drying bed slab

In their component parts, the elements are fairly standard pieces of equipment which can be found on sewerage works around the country. The way in which the Barhale team have brought the pieces of the plant together however, and some of the specific nuances of the design, has made the solution particularly innovative.

Westbourne Grove Flood Alleviation Scheme

Barhale were awarded the scheme by Thames Water to alleviate flooding within the Bayswater area of London.

The scheme involved the connection of the existing Victorian sewers to a new pumping station from which discharge would be carried via a new rising main to another existing brick built egg shaped sewer.

The pumping station was designed for storage of a 1 in 15 year storm. Discharge passed through a reinforced concrete valve chamber some 6m long, 3m wide and 3m deep, to a 600mm concrete outlet pipe laid in open cut trenches to the existing Victorian brick built sewer at Inverness Terrace, a narrow road with a number of Embassies to one side.

Silverstone Booster Pumping Station

As part of Anglian Water’s Integrated Operational Solutions (IOS) programme, Barhale have delivered a new Booster Pumping Station in Silverstone, Northamptonshire. This is to help meet the increased demand in water supply that occurs intermittently throughout the year when events are held at the nearby race circuit.

This is especially important during the British Grand Prix weekend in July. Each year the drastic increase in water demand puts a tremendous strain on the existing water network. This is caused by nearly 400,000 members of the public who visit the circuit over the three days and the many thousands more who camp in the surrounding areas in the week leading up to the event.

National Level Crossing Programme – Kemps Footbridge

Barhale’s subsidiary, BCS Fabrications, were contracted by Network
Rail (with Kier as the principal contractor) to design, fabricate and
install a new footbridge near Balcombe in Sussex, as part of the overall
National Level Crossing Programme (NLCP). Kemp’s foot crossing,
which links the B2036 road with Stumble Field Wood and Balcombe
village, was used previously to cross the dangerous 90mph main
Brighton railway on a bend.

Network Rail were under pressure from the local authority to maintain
a local right of way, but with only three disruptive possessions
available during the final quarter of 2014, it provided a sizeable
challenge to complete the construction in the shortest time possible.

London Sustainable Industries Park

Barhale have successfully completed a £1.38m design and build
contract for the Greater London Authority (GLA) at Dagenham
Dock in East London. As part of a regeneration scheme for unused
industrial land, the GLA are selling serviced plots of land within the
Mayor of London’s first clean technology commercial park.

An important part of the regeneration required upgrading the
local sewerage infrastructure. Along with our design partner, GHA
Livigunn, Barhale were engaged to design and construct a 6m
diameter x 14m deep, segmental caisson pumping station, including
associated MEICA installations with two 66 l/sec pumps.