Elan Valley Aqueduct (EVA)

  • Sector:Water & Utilities
  • Client:Severn Trent Water
  • Location:Mid-Wales
  • Value:£63m

After 5 years of construction, Barhale (as part of the BNM Alliance) completed work on the Elan Valley Aqueduct. The EVA is a Victorian culvert which, for the past 100 years, has carried a water supply from mid-Wales into the City of Birmingham.

The project involved the off line replacement of the existing water conduit in three locations – Bleddfa, Nantmel and Ffrydd Wood (Knighton). The new tunnel sections are 3m in diameter and each 1km or more in length.

The project commenced in 2015, and was required due to deterioration within existing sections of the EVA. The success of this project was crucial to secure a resilient water supply to Birmingham and the surrounding areas.