Britannia Road - Collapsed Sewer Under Railtrack

  • Sector:Water & Utilities
  • Client:Yorkshire Water
  • Location:Huddersfield, South Yorkshire
  • Value:£260k

Network Rail informed Yorkshire Water that foul sewage was leaking
to the surface and onto the railway track. After CCTV investigation and attempts at unblocking the pipeline, it was found that the 225mm
diameter foul sewer had collapsed due to its 100 year old age and
ground pressure caused by the trains. The sewer was shallow at only
1.5m depth and had been affected by a Network Rail track drainage

Following an optioneering process, the damaged sewer was reinstated at its existing alignment and was relayed in sections, with live flows. This required the use of a temporary overpumping system.

The sewer line crosses the main MVL3 Manchester to Huddersfield line, so the works were carried out over a series of short Rules of Route (ROR) night possessions.