Alwoodley Rising Main Replacement

  • Sector:Water & Utilities
  • Client:Yorkshire Water
  • Location:Wigton Lane, Leeds
  • Value:£1.1m

As part of Yorkshire Water’s AMP 6 programme, our team in Yorkshire
undertook a scheme to replace 930m of an existing rising main along
Wigton Lane in Leeds.

The scheme was required to replace a section of the existing cast iron
rising main which pumped waste water from Alwoodley pumping
station to the local waste water treatment works along Wigton
Lane. The existing cast iron rising main had deteriorated over the
last few years resulting in several bursts. Consequently, numerous
emergency repairs were required, causing widespread disruption to
the local residents, including road closures and diversions to the busy
surrounding road network. The installation of the new main was to
prevent bursting and resultant disruption to the area.