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UK National Tunnelling Day – 7th December 2017 #TunnelDayUK

7th December 2017

Barhale aims to celebrate this year’s UK National Tunnelling Day by highlighting some of our tunnelling successes (historical and current).

Barhale’s roots are in tunnelling, our founder and chairman started his working life as a tunneller, and as a result we have been providing leading edge, innovative and safe tunnelling solutions to our clients for over 35 years!

The aim of National Tunnelling day is to generate interest in the great number of world class tunnelling projects being undertaken in the UK and to promote the industry (and its many professions) to students of all ages and the general public. The day is an annual event on the first Thursday of December, chosen due to its proximity to the Feast Day of St. Barbara, traditionally seen as the Patron Saint of Tunnellers in the UK.

British Tunnelling Society (BTS) will be running a campaign under the hashtag #TunnelDayUK, inviting companies to promote the day by sharing how your organisation contributes to tunnelling excellence in the UK through images, news items, or items of historical interest using #TunnelDayUK. The BTS Young Members organisation will be leading the social media campaign through their @BTSYM twitter, Facebook and Instagram accounts and will be re-tweeting and sharing all content through the day to their network of followers. A copy of the poster can be downloaded here

British Tunnelling Society (BTS) Campaign details: In 2016, we reached 2.5 million people across the world with our social media campaign, but this year, we want to get back to our roots and spread the joy of tunnelling with #Target1000. This year, we are aiming to connect face-to-face with 1000 young people in the week leading up to National Tunnelling Day (1st – 7th December) and share our passion for the industry with them. We are counting on the support of our member organisations to reach out to their local schools, colleges, and universities to showcase the amazing tunnelling heritage the UK has and reveal the exciting projects that are being delivered across the country. This could be by arranging site visits for your local scouts or girl guides, giving presentations to your old university or running an activity during a lesson with your local high school. Make sure you share your efforts with the @BTSYM and include the number of young people you’ve reached out to using the hashtag #Target1000.

To find out more about how you can get involved, visit

@BTSYM #TunnelDayUK #Target1000