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New lead director for Barhale’s BCS Group

14th August 2020

Barhale Group has announced the promotion of James Mulchinock to Board Director of Barhale Construction Services Ltd (BCS Group)

James steps into the position after playing a key role as general manager of the safety and construction products and services group. Originally from Leeds, he joined Barhale as a plant co-ordinator in 1995 before moving across to BCS Group in 2005. He holds qualifications in Logistics and Business from Ashbridge Management College.

Chairman Dennis Curran explained how James and his team’s diversification of BCS Group’s offering has helped the business build its client base and promoted strong long-term relationships.

“We operate in a fast-changing environment and James has been instrumental in making sure that BCS Group evolves to meet the needs both of Barhale and its direct clients,” he said. “Nowhere recently is this better evidenced in how his team developed a packaged response to the COVID-19 challenge. Since the start of the crisis they have sourced equipment and produced thousands of bespoke signs, which are helping keep workers safe across the country.

“I am delighted with this appointment both in recognition of the continued hard work and enthusiasm that James has shown throughout his time at Barhale and also because it is a great example of our long-term development approach which creates opportunities and rewards talent within the business.”