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#NAW2020 Meet our Apprentice Plant Fitter – Rachael Willgoose

5th February 2020

It’s National Apprenticeship Week 2020! #NAW2020

The theme for 2020 is #LookBeyond, encouraging everyone to look beyond the outdated stereotypes surrounding apprenticeships and to celebrate the diversity of opportunity and value that they bring to the country today.

At Barhale, apprentices are at the heart of our early careers talent pool and our Source, Train and Retain model. However, we don’t just look at apprentices at the typical apprenticeship level, and we don’t just recruit ‘stereotypical’ apprentices either. Indeed, apprenticeships at Barhale range from a Level 2 qualification to a Level 7, meaning that we can offer valuable long-term progression for people at all levels of the organisation. We also have apprentices from all walks of life and from a whole range of different backgrounds. We view apprenticeships as a gateway to becoming more qualified and competent and we see them as not just for early careers or new entrants. So whether you’re fresh out of school or college, looking to build on your experience with relevant qualifications, or fancy a complete change of career, it may be time to #LookBeyond any of your misconceptions as an apprenticeship may be just what you need!

In support of National Apprenticeship Week we would like to introduce you to Rachael Willgoose, one of our Apprentice Plant Fitters, who is currently undertaking a Level 2 Apprenticeship in Construction Plant Maintenance.


Why did you choose to complete an apprenticeship?

To gain a qualification whilst in a working environment and to gain knowledge from the experienced fitters.


What are the most enjoyable aspects of completing an apprenticeship?

Learning from the people I work with and also going to college and learning from the tutors.


What are your biggest challenges of completing an apprenticeship?

Completing the college work, handing it in on time and getting the pictures that are needed.


Would you recommend an apprenticeship to others?

Yes, I would recommend an apprenticeship, it is a valuable way to get a qualification and experience.


What advice would you give to someone who is thinking about completing an apprenticeship?

Go for it and apply for one, don’t get behind on college work.