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Happy 30th Birthday, Barhale Values!

13th November 2015

This year marks the 30th anniversary of the official launch of Barhale’s iconic Values. Barhale had been founded by our Chairman Dennis Curran five years previously and the business was already operating to Dennis’ mantra of “treating others as you would wish to be treated”, but the foundations upon which this was based was formally produced in 1985.

Since then the Values have stood us in good stead with clients, customers, suppliers and members of the communities in which we have worked. We are proud to stake our claim that each and every one of Our People can name these Values and work in line with them every day.

They are so important to our business that they appear on all company branded items. They are a daily reminder to us all of Barhale’s philosophy and culture and as a way of communicating with external parties.

It is our recognition of these Values which give us our good reputation, and result in the positive feedback we receive week on week. They give us our unique culture, which has to be experienced to be truly understood. Most importantly, they give us a common goal to which we can all strive in our quest for What Good Looks Like.