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Floating Drone Technology to Survey Sewers

20th February 2017

Anglian Water along with Barhale are now using floating drone technology to survey their sewers. The Multi Sensory Inspection Unit has been surveying thousands of metres of sewer pipes underneath Cambridge and Grimsby over the past few days.

The unit, which is operated by Anglian Water’s partners Draincare, is floated down the pipes and uses laser, sonar and high definition CCTV to scan the sewers as it goes.

It gives a detailed report of corrosion and silt build up in the pipes and will be used to plan ahead so we  can ensure the sewer network is robust and free flowing. This technology also means we can reduce traffic disruption and road notices as fewer manhole entries are made into the sewers.

The unit is the only one of its kind in the UK and was developed by US firm Redzone Robotics. Once the data from the unit is gathered it will be sent to the US where it will be analysed and 3D models of Anglian Water’s sewers.