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Are you willing to make a pledge ? Support Project “EDWARD” on 21st September 2016

19th September 2016

As part of our Driver Safety Programme, Barhale is supporting the “TISPOL Project Edward Campaign”.

Click on the image above for a copy of our campaign poster

The TISPOL Organisation has been established by the traffic police forces of Europe in order to improve road safety and law enforcement on the roads.

Their main priority is to reduce the number of people being killed and seriously injured on Europe’s roads.

One initiative which can make a big impact is the new European Day Without A Road Death – Project EDWARD for short.  EDWARD will encourage all road users to reflect on their behaviour and attitude. TISPOL’s target is that no one should die on the roads of Europe on Wednesday 21 September 2016.

As we pause to reflect on how we use the roads, Project EDWARD can make a significant contribution towards further sizeable and sustained reductions in road death and serious injury.

Please join us and make the pledge to support Project EDWARD, and do your bit to reduce risk and improve safety for the people who use our roads.

You can find more information and make your road safety pledge here

Let’s work together to reduce death and serious injury on Europe’s roads.