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Barhale is supporting blood donating campaign

18th August 2016

“Blood donation is an amazing gift. Transfusions save lives and transform health for millions across the world. Every donation can help or save up to three patients and last year in England alone 900,000 people gave blood – helping up to 2.7 million patients. Whether it is patients receiving treatment for cancer, blood disorders, after accidents or during surgery, or new mums who lost blood in childbirth, blood is an absolutely essential part of modern healthcare.” Mike Stredder, Director of Blood Donation.

Sadly, there has been a 30% drop in blood donors across 21 countries over the last year alone.

We would like to ask the Barhale family and all our friends and contacts to consider becoming donors.  It is a very simple process which can make a huge different to families in need.  To find out if you can donate, simply visit or call 0300 123 23 23

The site will guide you through who can and who cannot donate, and there is an appointment button so you can book a time slot.  Below are the dates that suit some of our regional offices;

WATFORD 5TH September – Leavesden Road Baptist Church, Watford, WD24 5ER

WALSALL 27th October – Walsall Football Club, Walsall, WS1 4SA 

PETERBOROUGH 14th September – The Cresset, Rightwell, Bretton Centre, PE3 8DX

Some may prefer to give blood closer to home, so please visit to find your closest location.