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Celebrating PRIDE in the workplace

3rd June 2019

June 2019 celebrates 50 years since the Stonewall Riots in New York City which sparked a civil rights movement in the fight for equality for the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transsexual (LGBT) community.

In the 1960’s home sexuality was perceived as amoral and was considered illegal.  In the States the LGBT+ community found it problematic to meet at gay friendly bars because of officials withholding licenses and law enforcement planning raids.

The Stonewall Inn became known for welcoming drag queens and homeless people but in June 1969, when police confiscated alcohol, arrested people and became violent, the patrons of Stonewall Inn retaliated and the riots began which were a mix of protests and chants against the treatment of the LGBT+ community at the hands of law enforcement officials and society at large.

These riots were the impetus for the formation of the Gay Liberation Front as well as other gay, lesbian and bisexual civil rights organisations. It’s also regarded by many as history’s first major protest on behalf of equal rights for homosexuals. This is why June is designated as Pride Month to celebrate and honour the LGBT+ community and what has been accomplished, as well as raise awareness of ongoing issues.

You may already be aware that the rainbow flag is the chosen symbol of the LGBT+ community. The different colours reflect diversity and despite originating from Northern California’s San Francisco Bay Area, the flag is now used worldwide. During Pride Month you may see Facebook profiles change to a rainbow to show support for LGBT+ rights.

Pride Month is about celebration, but also about education, activism, and awareness. If you are celebrating this year we’d like you to tell us about your plans and send us photos to share with the Barhale community to help us promote and encourage Equality, Diversity and Inclusion. Our recruitment partner, MyGWorks will also share your story through their LGBT+ platform, website and social media.

From the Barhale team in support of PRIDE Month