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Birmingham Resilience Project invited local residents to see the new water pipe work at Lickhill

19th December 2017

We will be building a new water intake and pumping station near Lickhill, and laying a new water pipeline for 25km from there to Frankley in Birmingham.  As the project is now well underway, and there’s a lot of work ongoing at the Lickhill site, along with our client Severn Trent, we invited local residents to come and have a look at what is going on.

This is all part of our Birmingham Resilience Project, as Chris Humphreys, explains: “We need to make sure our customers across the region continue to get a reliable water supply.  This project is the biggest engineering challenge we have ever done and we’re investing around £300M.  Although the project’s main aim is to make water supplies for Birmingham more resilient, it will have benefits for our customer’s right across our region, and in the Stourport area where the project team are based and a lot of work is taking place.”

“Lickhill is where we’ll be taking water from the River Severn, and where the pumping station will be.  We’ve recently made a change to our plans, meaning that the pumping station will be in a slightly different place.  We no longer have to build on an old landfill site, so won’t have to disturb the hazardous material, which is great for the local area and the environment in general. We wanted to reassure the local people, and to make sure they fully understand what we’re doing, so we invited them to come and have a look at what’s going on.”

Mrs Cheryl Mackinnon of the Severn Bank Residents Group said: “The site visit was much enjoyed by all who attended. The residents found the tour very interesting and particularly the size and scale of the project.”

Chris added: “These kind of sessions are a great way for us to find out how we can minimises the impact of our work on the local community, after all, the people who know the area best are the local residents.  We had a great day and we’re confident that the people who came to see the work understand what we’re doing and why and are happy that we won’t be causing any issues for them and the local area.”