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Beckton team wins Gold Thames Water Project Pride Award

9th February 2024


A huge well done goes to our Beckton to Riverside Sludge Main team who have been awarded a Gold Thames Water Project Pride Award!

Mark Taylor, Thames Water’s Director of Delivery – London Infra, attended site this week to present the team with their award, which acknowledges exceptional achievements in line with Thames Water’s Service Avoidance Campaign.

The Awards recognise three levels: Bronze, Silver and Gold. We are delighted that following the initial submission and follow-up audit on site, the team achieved the highest level of recognition for their efforts in encouraging a culture of pride, professionalism and excellence in all service avoidance works as part of the project, which involves the installation of a 1.8km single sludge rising main in 450mm pipe together with washout chambers and air valve chambers to replace a section of the
8km Beckton Sludge Main.

Congratulations to the whole team on their success: Albert Alexici, Alex Axinte, Andrei Iftimi, Andrei Mosneagu, Barry Baird, Berkay Acur, Bruce Watkin (Thames Water), Dan Bolton, Ervin Halilaj, Joe Deloughery, John Prendergast, Kevin Power, Klodian Hazizi,
Mark Lusher (Thames Water), Matteo Pasqualone (Thames Water), Mark Preston,
Michael Kempson, Mihai Ichim, Mihail Popescu, Nick Fox (Thames Water), Paul Gogoasa, Pawel Szyndak, Phil Cull, Oliver McDonagh, Sean Maurer, Shane Gorman, Shane Jones, Steve Collett, Steven McDonagh, Sokol Bani, Tony Boyle, Tony Foster, Vlad Andor.