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Barhale rises to the challenge at Pitsford emergency works

8th April 2024

Pitsford site had an emergency shutdown, due to a failure at the works. Under Anglian Water’s IOS Alliance, Barhale conducted a flood test and this highlighted an area which needed repairing before the site could go live again.

Emergency works involved rebedding the access hatch and preparing damaged mortar around ducting with WRAS approved Natcem 35 Product. Anglian Water supply also took the opportunity to remove redundant pipework.

During this period of downtime and to avoid further disruption in the future, works originally planned to take place during the night or when the site shutdown was brought forward, one of the key projects that were completed was the 800mm Pitsford Ozone Outlet Valve.

Furthermore, to replace a contact tank access hatch which was corroded, with some forward planning, Res and Towers department managed to utilise a non-emergency job which didn’t affect the immediate upcoming work.

Excellent work by the whole team in fixing these repairs, to ensure the site could be fully operational again.