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Barhale Response Gains Traction

11th March 2016

We are delighted to announce that our UK registered Sister company Barhale Response has purchased a new building, located adjacent to the Response Group’s head office in Charleville, to grow the business’s off-site fabrication capability and increase its portfolio and output of water industry products for the UK market.

ExteriorFabrication Works

Off-site fabrication of industry products plays an increasingly important role in ensuring our client requirements for improving sustainability, minimising disruption and ensuring programme deadlines are met. Barhale Response recognises off-site fabrication as being one of the main solutions to the successful delivery of many types of MEICA projects. It allows a more flexible approach to the application of services during the construction programme as well as a more controlled procurement route.

This new facility coupled with the existing facilities of Barhale plc and Response Group will offer the following benefits to our Clients;

  • High volume, efficient, safe and repeatable manufacturing capability, from a clean, off-site environment
  • Reduced on-site work duration and associated customer disruption
  • Reduced cost
  • Reductions in embodied and operational carbon
  • Reductions in health & safety risk
  • Increased quality control, accuracy & tolerances

Pictured are the exterior of the newly purchased facility & fabrication works currently being undertaken at the facility.