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Barhale completes Phase Two of key Sheffield infrastructure project

11th December 2020

Barhale, supported by partners GHD, Ken Rodney, Indepth and Sbu, are completing the second phase of the strategically important scheme in Sheffield on behalf of Yorkshire Water.

The infrastructure works were necessary to accommodate housing and commercial growth in the Waverley/Catcliffe area of the city. They included the design and build of a new pipeline to transfer the flows from the new housing development to the main Blackburn Meadows Sewage works 3800m away. The pipeline route crossed main dual carriageways, roads, roundabouts, railway crossings and passed through a significant volume of made ground from Sheffield’s historic heavy steel industry.

Due to the challenging nature of the ground around the site, the team employed a combination of directional drilling, traditional open-cut and auger boring and micro-tunnelling techniques.

On completion, the Barhale team planted wildflower seeds in the area around where the works had taken place. They have also created shallow excavations and lined them with polythene to create ponds for the wildlife.

Barhale Project Manager Michael Healey said the project had presented some tough challenges but he was proud of the way all the team had delivered.

“The ground conditions were very difficult but with the experience and know-how within our team we have been able to overcome the challenges and to successfully deliver the project on behalf of Yorkshire Water.”

“The landscaping and planting we have undertaken will create a positive legacy for local wildlife including foxes, deer, rabbit and birds.”