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Barhale awarded West London mains upgrade to accommodate HS2 works

7th October 2019

Barhale has been appointed by Affinity Water to deliver a significant mains water diversion scheme in Ealing, West London to enable the construction of a new ventilation shaft required by HS2.

The contract will see the civil engineering and infrastructure specialist install 578 metres of new clean water main in 250mm High Performance Polyethylene (HPPE) pipework at Mandeville Road, Northolt.

The work will replace the existing 12” water main and will also entail the installation of 65m of 125mm HPPE pipework to maintain water pressure in some adjacent properties.

Barhale will also install 646 metres of clean water main in 315mm HPPE pipework at Greenford Road between the Western Avenue roundabout and Rockware Avenue.

Project manager James McKenzie was pleased to secure the contract. “We have an extremely positive relationship with Affinity Water and so we are delighted to be given the greenlight on this programme of work,” he said.

“It is not without its challenges – not least of all working along a busy thoroughfare such as Mandeville Road – but, working closely with Affinity Water, we believe we have put in place a programme of work which will accommodate the requirements of HS2’s Northolt Ventilation Shaft construction, will upgrade the area’s existing mains clean water infrastructure and will do so with a minimum of disruption to local businesses and residents.”

Work is due to begin this week.