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A year on from the first lockdown… Alan Seeby

29th March 2021

As each UK nation starts to take steps to slowly ease lockdown restrictions, we continue to ask our employees to tell us about their experiences over the last 12 months and the things they are looking forward to doing, as we slowly return to normality.

Today we would like to introduce you to Alan Seeby, one of our General Foremen based in our southern region.

What has the last year been like for you?

Challenging at work and home! The added pressure at work on top of the responsibility of undertaking everyday activity and having all the Covid measures to enforce as well was quite intense. On top of the challenges at work, at home my family was frustrated at not being able to go out and I was trying to support my wife who was wrestling with home schooling. It had a really negative impact on my own wellbeing.

What have you found the most difficult?

At the start, it was making sure the team kept their distance and were wearing face coverings when they had to be within two metres of each other. This continues to be a big priority as we ensure we adhere to the rules.

Have you felt supported and reassured throughout?

We have a very good team around us from the top down. Support is always available if you need it.

What do you think has been managed well?

The Microsoft Teams meetings and online courses have been a real winner, implementing new Covid measures on site and sharing ideas around the sites.

What has the last year taught you and what changes do you plan to keep in place long after COVID-19?

The improved cleanliness of the site areas I will champion long after Covid. I will also embrace change – whether good or bad – and look to see the best of things rather than the problems. I hope to continue to find new solutions to enhance the team, our projects and the business.

What have you missed most?

I have missed a good pint of beer sat in a pub with friends, family parties and going to soft play with my children and watching them having fun.

How well do you think Barhale responded to COVID-19?

At first nobody knew what to do or expect, but Barhale gave everyone the tools to carry on in a safe manner. The team spirit within Barhale has been tested and proven to be the best in my opinion. It has demonstrated that our values are more than just words and carry through all our projects.

And lastly, what is the first thing you are going to do when this is all over?

I’m going to have a nice meal in a restaurant and I will take the kids to swimming and soft play. And at work I’m going to enjoy a full breakfast in a café at lunchtime.