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A Dedicated Voice for Inclusive Collaboration by Everyone (A.D.V.I.C.E) Scheme

8th January 2020

The reliance and expansion of social media has created an information network that everyone can access and contribute too, and accessibility is becoming readily available to an increasing amount of people. However, all too often there are reports of false information, incorrect facts and misleading images being produced, the need for accurate and factual information is paramount in any safety critical industry, and this in turn has led to a confused workforce.

Health and Wellbeing are not just buzz words, they are the foundations of any safety critical based company philosophy, as they have all pledged to keep their workforce safe at all times. Health is a state of body, whilst wellness is a state of being, two very important factors for the health of any individual.

In September 2019, representatives from numerous companies and organisations including Barhale’s Health & Wellbeing Lead, Joanne Southan, decided to form a new safety initiative, a scheme that would focus on guidance and supplying reputable services to all workers in need. A Dedicated Voice for Inclusive Collaboration by Everyone (A.D.V.I.C.E) was created from these ideals.

During the early stages of the scheme’s development, it was agreed by all participating members that they all share the same vision and passion for workforce safety, so why not combine their resources, contacts and reputation to operate as one single voice to protect those in the infrastructure industry.

The A.D.V.I.C.E Health & Wellbeing scheme comprises of Contractors, Principal Contractors and Clients from the following Rail and Construction sectors; Barhale, Bovis Homes, Ciras, Colas Rail, Ganymede Solutions, McGinley Support Services, Midland Metro Alliance, Network Rail, RSS Infrastructure, Transport for Wales, Van-Elle Limited and Vital Human Resources.

The aim of the collaboration is to guide workers on issues, facts and research on subjects like; Debt Guidance, Cervical Cancer, Testicular Cancer, Bereavement and Mental Health Issues, with many more topics and subjects scheduled for future periods.