Nant Pibwr Culvert Works

  • Sector:Transport
  • Client:Network Rail
  • Location:South Glamorgan
  • Value:£0.5m

Nant Pibwr culvert is a triple bore masonry culvert structure carrying the Up and Down main lines between Fishguard and Swindon, Carmarthan, South Wales. The structure comprises of three side by side masonry arch culverts founded on masonry abutments and spandrel walls over a length of approximately 28m. There were areas of defective joints and spalling masonry throughout the length of the culverts and visible signs of general dilapidation. The culverts accommodate a tidal river flow of varying depths which often exceeds the culvert capacity and floods the surrounding pasture land. A concrete lining was attached to the culverts to improve the structural integrity and the smooth flow of water.